on an annoying trend

I am getting very tired of those ‘Kim Kardashian got divorced after 72 days and yet it’s the *gays* who are ruining the sanctity of marriage?’ posts.

No, seriously, hear me out.

The kind of people who talk about ‘the sanctity of marriage’ are also those who would prefer that a woman could not divorce her husband, either – whether she just wants to, as in Kim’s case, or because he’s an abusive douchebag, as in many, many, unpublicised but far more important cases. So what you’re doing there is taking a pop at one conservative viewpoint – that marriage should be a heterosexual institution – while upholding another – that there is something wrong with a woman requesting a divorce, because the institution of marriage should be kept sacrosanct. Am I making sense?

I appreciate the point that’s being made – straight people aren’t doing a fantastic job at the old marriage lark – but if we want to move away from the traditional-values conception of marriage (one man, one woman, ’til death do us part), surely the best thing to do is to let people get on with their lives and their marriages, whether they be successful or otherwise.


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