Thunder Moon

… at least, I think it is.

August 2012 will have two full moons: the night of the 1st/2nd, and the 31st. In Googling to find out the name for the one we’ve just seen, I came across this article on the origins of the phrase ‘once in a blue Moon’ – which is both interesting, and containing a cocktail recipe.

That’s how I like my astronomy: engaging and drunk.

Anyway, I’m mainly posting to show off a photo I took in the early hours of August 2nd, having been awoken by an incredibly bright beam of moonlight through the window. I looked out, and I found this, the Thunder Moon, staring back at me.

(bigger – link to Flickr)

So there you go. I get a shot like that once, yes, in a Blue Moon.


3 thoughts on “Thunder Moon

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