Pin Up

I have this thing about Pinterest. There is really no way that Pinterest should have any hold on me, but I need something distracting to do when I’m thinking about the things I should actually be doing. Also, I like fashion boards and pictures of horses. You can’t be serious all the time.

The vast majority of Pinterest is made up of those bits of the internet I’ve never actually met. Crafters. Knitters. Women who define themselves primarily as ‘[someone]’s Mommy’. Oh, and Jesus. Jesus is really big on Pinterest. In fact, Jesus is the only man I’ve ever seen on there.

My favourite part of Pinterest, though, are the quotes. The quotes are as excellent as the graphic design is horrible. Let’s have a few, shall we?

Where ‘your comfort zone’ apparently = someone else’s uterus.

“Also, shag everything that moves. Always worked for me.” – Lord Byron

A reading from the Book of Played-Out Meme:

The quickest way to make a scientist twitch:

This is a question that has many answers but absolutely no insight:

1. Represent Ireland in the equestrian events of the next Olympics.

2. Fly.

3. Live affluently while doing only work that entertains or engages me. (etc)

And I’ve saved the weirdest for last:

There’s some slightly squicky Twilight vibe going on there, no?

I am here (and enjoying adding my feminist/skeptic two cents when I can). Join me.

Absolutely recommended reading: this blog, which is run by a hilarious and very courageous lady who actually tries the half-cocked ideas that populate the DIY and cooking categories on Pinterest. Mostly what I’ve learned from her is: don’t.


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