I don’t like New Year’s (bah humbug)

I really don’t. Resolutions and all. It’s a festival devoted to regrets and drinking (or as we depressive types call it – Tuesday).

But here we are anyway: 2012 has been the first year in quite a few that things have crept slowly upward for me. Appreciably. It’s been a good change.

In 2013 I would like to continue that trend and remain un-crazy long enough to finish my degree and possibly start another. That’s really my only big goal: I’ve been thwarted several times by mental illness, so… touch wood, I guess?

I also want to keep writing here, and do so more regularly. This little blog has been very good to me, as has the community/ies I take part in on Twitter. I’ve met some people online that I never would have in real life, and I appreciate every last one of you. Hopefully I’ll meet some of you in real life this year!

I’m seeing in 2013 with my partner, some drinks, and some great live music. That’s not a bad way to usher in a new year.

So Happy New Year, you lot. I hope your 2013 is amazing and full of love and discovery.

tonight we fly
over the mountains, the beach and the sea
over the friends that we’ve known
and those that we now know
and those who we’ve yet to meet

and when we die, oh, will we be that
disappointed or sad
if heaven doesn’t exist
what will we have missed
this life is the best we’ve ever had


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