overlookable blogging about blogging

I realised after I’d published my last post that the title, pulling a boat over a mountain, is one that looks very obvious from my perspective but may need explanation.

It comes from the Werner Herzog film Fitzcarraldo, which is about a mad Irishman with a plan to build an opera-house in the Amazonian rainforest. Fitzcarraldo is an eccentric, violently passionate doer-of-odd-things, which must have been nice for Klaus Kinski to play (he couldn’t have gotten a role as close to real life as that again unless they hired him to play himself in his own autobiography). An Irish band also wrote a rather lovely song inspired by the film.

but I’m not going down here//this journey isn’t over//it’s a long way to the house of Fitzcarraldo

It seemed apt for my DIY final year and the heaping piles of stress I’ve put myself under.

Fitzcarraldo (the film) is one of those classics that in retrospect, I’m very glad I’ve seen, but that I’m in no hurry to watch again. I seem to remember wondering, about two-thirds in, if I’d be eligible for a pension before it ended. That’s symbolic of the whole thing to me, I guess – long and arduous projects, roads to nothing apart from personal pride, and the feeling that you may end up standing screaming off a bell tower if things don’t. Go. Bloody. Right. For once.

If it’s not immediately obvious from the overextended reference, my mind has gone south for the summer. I’m kicking around things to write about, although I’m currently am in the early phases of A Depression (capital letters entirely justified) so I’m mainly just attempting to flail/sleep that off for now. Maybe I’ll get something useful done this week. Maybe I’ll just get some sleep.

Maybe I’ll avoid nightmares about Klaus Kinski and useless blog posts.

Probably not.


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